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  Sara’s dad spoke with a slight waver in his voice at The Howard. Sara and Evan looked up at him with serious but joyful eyes on their wedding day. Their story was being told, from the beginning. All the way back to meeting in high school and competing over who would have the best […]

A wedding at the Court Above Main can be many things, but the first thing I think of is: classy. Chelsea and Josh’s wedding was no exception! From the incredible lace and button details on Chelsea’s gorgeous dress, the head table decor, the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, to the attitudes of everyone involved in […]

The Villa Louis Mansion sits on a hill, surrounded by lush, green trees. It is a place full of stories, from years past. One of those stories is Trevor and Ciara’s. Trevor and Ciara both worked at the Villa Louis throughout their high school and college years. As they began dating, the Villa Louis was […]

I cannot start this blog post without bragging on my friend Grace. You see, our story starts long before Josh came into the picture. Grace and I found each other through a Facebook roommate search that was somewhat like for a roommate. Grace checked all the boxes that I was looking for in a […]

Rebecca and Elliot were surrounded by their closest family members and friends on their wedding day. Celebrations on the River was the prettiest backdrop for their day, and we had such an amazing time with these two!! From the prettiest bridal suite, to the river views during the ceremony, and ending the day with sunset […]

This day was years in the making. Katie and Kasten knew from the first date that this day would happen. Katie came home from their first date and told her best friend, “This is the man I’m going to marry.” Kasten’s kind personality and big dreams stuck out to Katie. I’m sure after that first […]

Jessie was all smiles as she arrived at the church  in Eagle River on her wedding day. You see, she had seen some ducks on the way to get her hair done, and if you know Jessie, this was a sign that today was going to be a wonderful and magical day. Jessie’s closest friends […]

Tansy Hill Farm glowed in the sunlight. Chelsea was beaming as she faced the camera. Behind her, Chris turned slowly and got his first glance of his bride on their wedding day. He walked towards her and embraced her in a huge hug from behind. The two fit together like puzzle pieces, each giggling and […]

The gravel crunched under the car and as we pulled into the driveway, a huge cabin greeted us. The Mississippi River flowed just behind a huge field that surrounded the cabin. Tranquility at its finest. Inside the cabin, Nicole and Jon each got ready for their wedding day, one hidden upstairs and the other downstairs. […]

They both held back tears. As Caterina and her father slowly emerged from the barn, neither her nor Josiah could calm their emotions. This was the moment they have been waiting for, the moment they had been praying for. Their joy it was too much to handle as tears fell down their cheeks. Take a […]

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