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This day was years in the making. Katie and Kasten knew from the first date that this day would happen. Katie came home from their first date and told her best friend, “This is the man I’m going to marry.” Kasten’s kind personality and big dreams stuck out to Katie. I’m sure after that first […]

Jessie was all smiles as she arrived at the church  in Eagle River on her wedding day. You see, she had seen some ducks on the way to get her hair done, and if you know Jessie, this was a sign that today was going to be a wonderful and magical day. Jessie’s closest friends […]

Tansy Hill Farm glowed in the sunlight. Chelsea was beaming as she faced the camera. Behind her, Chris turned slowly and got his first glance of his bride on their wedding day. He walked towards her and embraced her in a huge hug from behind. The two fit together like puzzle pieces, each giggling and […]

Jennelle and Derrick were absolute naturals in front of the camera!! Downtown La Crosse provided the perfect backdrops for the beginning of their session. Cody and I told bad jokes and Jennelle and Derrick giggled their way through photos. Derrick and I bonded with our enjoyment of podcasts! We learned all about the rock concerts […]

The gravel crunched under the car and as we pulled into the driveway, a huge cabin greeted us. The Mississippi River flowed just behind a huge field that surrounded the cabin. Tranquility at its finest. Inside the cabin, Nicole and Jon each got ready for their wedding day, one hidden upstairs and the other downstairs. […]

Matt and Megan have been together for 7 years…yes, 7 years!! We absolutely love getting to work with couples who have been in love for so long. Matt and Megan both have kind personalities, and they are the perfect match for one another. Megan makes you feel welcome from the moment she begins to speak […]

They both held back tears. As Caterina and her father slowly emerged from the barn, neither her nor Josiah could calm their emotions. This was the moment they have been waiting for, the moment they had been praying for. Their joy it was too much to handle as tears fell down their cheeks. Take a […]

Being with Bethany and Paul is like being with two old friends. They both are so easy going and enjoyable to be with!! The Charmant Parlor was the perfect place to start their session, because it happened to be down pouring outside!! Once the session got started, the sun light pouring through the windows was […]

The Capitol, Allen Centennial Gardens, and Picnic Point…these quintessential Madison spots were all the perfect backdrops for Sara and Evan’s engagement session. These two are the absolute SWEETEST couple. Sara could barely keep a smile off her face, whether we were taking pictures or not!! I absolutely loved getting the chance to meet these two […]

Jenny beamed as Jacob walked towards her. The gravel under his feet crunched and you could almost feel both of their hearts pounding with excitement. Jacob walked to the side of the stone wall. Then, they grabbed hands. Jenny whispered the sweetest “hi” and Jacob answered. They chose not to see one another before the […]

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