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Wisconsin Based
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We are best friends turned spouses, and most days we still feel like giddy little kids. We met our freshman year of college, and started dating our senior year. When we aren't photographing, we are watching the Office, making waffles, taking walks around the neighborhood, or playing mancala (which Cody always wins...). 

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We are andrea + cody

we are
andrea + cody

 Your ideal night in consists of a blanket fort and a movie
  You can barely finish a meal out, but your answer is always “yes” to dessert
 You use silly voices more than your regular voice 
 You could spend hours sunbathing on the beach with a good book
 You believe popcorn is a well-balanced meal

You might be andrea if...

Who are you: andrea or cody?

You might be CODY if...

 You’ve mastered Dad jokes before ever having a child of your own
 Your ideal day is a breezy 60 degrees
 Most of your knowledge about the world comes from Planet Earth films
 You drink as much coffee as you do water
 You wake your partner up by laughing at memes in bed

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We would love to hear from you! We want your session to be the best it can be. It is invaluable to us that we can connect and build a relationship. Only when we know that we are a great fit will we agree to be with you and capture your wedding day or lifestyle session. We believe you deserve the best fit, and want you to be sure we are the best fit for you!

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